Another batch of al-Waer neighborhood’s population in Homs left on Tuesday heading to northern Syria, after a delay by Assad terrorists at a checkpoint. The batch had waited at an Assad regime checkpoint for 24 hours, before it departed heading to Jarablus on the Syria – Turkey border. Orient News correspondent Joudy Arash said that this batch of displaced Syrians would see 465 families leave their homes, including two families that lost parents. They include 1876 civilians and 250 fighters, she added. Among the forcibly displaced civilians are 20 wounded, including four whose cases are critical and six with disabilities. The leaving batch also includes 247 women, 415 children and 95 babies. On Saturday, the activist-run Homs Media Center said that the fifth batch, which was due to leave on Sunday to Jarablus on the Syria-Turkey border, will leave on Monday. The buses departed al-Waer after a thorough check. After that, the buses were delayed for an entire day at Masyaf junction. The displacement of al-Waer residents started late September last year after a crippling siege by Assad regime for more than three years. Residents were deprived of food and aid supplies while also being prevented from leaving due to heavy shelling and bombardment.