The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria organization (ISIS) committed on Friday (May 19) a massacre against civilians after targeting a popular wedding party in Deir ez-Zoor, while beheading a teenager in the city’s western countryside based on “false” information. ISIS terrorists targeted Harabesh neighborhood, which is controlled by Assad regime, with mortar shells, taking the lives of 18 civilians, including women and children, and injuring another 40, according to activists. The activist-run Furat Post FB page confirmed that ISIS’ mortars hit residential areas in Harabesh, targeting a popular wedding party and killing and injuring dozens. Furat Post said the conditions of the injured are critical and warned of their deterioration, as there is an acute shortage of medical items. Assad-controlled areas in Deir ez-Zoor are serviced by a sole medical point with only one operating doctor, according to the activist-run FB page. The services provided to civilians besieged in the eastern neighborhoods of Deir ez-Zoor are basic and primitive, it added. Meanwhile, 3 civilians were killed in al-Qusoor neighborhood after ISIS terrorists targeted civilian-populated areas with mortar shells, according to activists. Separately, ISIS terrorists informed a family in Deir ez-Zoor western countryside that the organization had beheaded their son, whose was 16 years old, on May 5 based on false information, according to Furat Post. The execution was carried out in Safirat Tahtani town in the western countryside of Deir ez-Zoor. The 16-year-old teen was executed under the pretext of “trying to escape” to the areas controlled by the so-called Syria Democratic Forces (SDF), which have been carrying out a military offensive against the organization in Deir ez-Zoor and Raqqa. Furat Post said that ISIS told the teenager’s family that the execution took place based on false information provided by “security officials” in the organization, offering the family a “compensation” of 2 million Syrian Pounds. Deir ez-Zoor neighborhoods are between the hammer of Assad terrorists and the hard place of ISIS. The extremist organization has been laying siege on civilians in the regime-controlled neighborhood for years. Both Assad regime and ISIS exchange bombardment whose victims are usually innocent civilians. The US-led coalition jets, Russia’s and Assad regime’s jets, along with Baghdad government’s, carry out airstrikes on the ISIS-controlled neighborhoods, killing and injuring dozens of civilians under the pretext of targeting ISIS. The last massacre took place Monday (May 15) in al-Bukamal city in Deir ez-Zoor eastern countryside, killing 66 civilians, the majority of whom were women and children. Activists said the deadly airstrikes were likely to be carried out by Baghdad government’s jets, as the US-led coalition denied carrying out such strikes.