The penultimate 11th batch of the displaced population from Homs’ al-Waer neighborhood reached early on Friday (May 19) to Homs northern countryside. The batch which saw about 500 of the neighborhood’s population forcibly leaving their homes reached the town of al-Dar al-Kabira, Orient News correspondent Juday Arash said. The displaced civilians were about 50 opposition fighters with their families, she added. bus parked in al-Waer neighborhood waiting for the residents to get on to leave to Homs northern countryside. May 18, 2017 - Orient photo) Arash also said that opposition fighters in Homs northern countryside in addition to the Red Crescent and the Syria Civil Defense received the displaced civilians coming from al-Waer. This batch left on Thursday (May 18) and was described as “small” compared to the previous batches which used to include between 1500-2000 people. The final batch of displaced civilians is set to leave al-Waer tomorrow Saturday (May 20), according to Orient News correspondent. sacks containing the belongings of al-Waer’s displaced civilians are seen on the street as the residents prepare to leave. May 18, 2017- Orient photo) man from al-Waer residents speaking on the mobile phone near a bus, while a woman waits next to sacks of belongings. May 18, 2017- Orient photo) About 25,000 people, including civilians and opposition fighters, were forcibly displaced from al-Waer through 11 batches. The batches differed in destination. Seven headed to Jarablus city on Syrian-Turkish border, while 3 headed to Idlib and 1 to Homs northern countryside. The forced displacement of al-Waer population started mid-March after a Russia-brokered deal with the Assad regime following a severe campaign of carpet-bombing on al-Waer, which killed and injured dozens.