A military headquarters for the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in Daraa countryside was hit by a suicide attack on Thursday (May 18). A suicide bomber affiliated with Jaysh Khalid Ibin al-Walid, a fighting group that pledges allegiance to ISIS, blew himself up at the headquarters of Liaw Ahal al-Azm opposition fighting group, operating under the banner of the Southern Front of the FSA, in Nawa city in Daraa western countryside, according to activists. That attack left a number of people injured. It comes hours after FSA’s operating factions in Southern Syria foiled another attempt by Jaysh Khalid Ibin al-Walid to occupy new areas in Daraa southwestern countryside, Nawa city’s fronts in particular. ISIS extremists have exploited the state of loose security in some liberated areas in southern Syria to carry out a number of suicide attacks and blasts using VBIEDs or bomb-laden motorcycles. The last attack was that which targeted a police guard post in Inkhel town in Daraa countryside, killing 13 people, including opposition’s Minister of Local Administration and the ex-President of Daraa City Council Dr. Yaqoub al-Ammar, and others officials and commanders in the FSA.