US President Donald Trump called the terrorist Lebanese Shia militia Hezbollah a threat to the entire Middle East on Tuesday (July 25), accusing it and Iran of fueling a humanitarian disaster in Syria. "Hezbollah is a menace to the Lebanese state, the Lebanese people and the entire region," Trump said at a joint press conference alongside Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri at the White House. "The group continues to increase its military arsenal which threatens to start yet another conflict with Israel... With the support of Iran, the organization is also fueling humanitarian catastrophe in Syria.  When he was asked about Assad he said: "I’m not a fan of Assad OK, he will tell you that because we had, we had 58 out of 58 or you could even say 59 out of 59 when we launched the Tomahawk missiles. Now I’m not a fan of Assad. I certainly think that what he’s done to that country and to humanity is horrible. So I have been saying that for a long time. I am not somebody that will stand by and let him get away with what he tried to do and he did it a number of times when President Obama drew the red line in the sand and then he should have crossed that red line because some horrible acts against humanity took place including gas and the killing through gases. That was a bad day for this country and I’d go a step further that had President Obama gone across that line and done what he should have done. I don’t believe you’d have Russia and I don’t believe you’d have Iran to anywhere near the extent and maybe not at all in Syria today." Answering questions about the proposed resolution by congress that will place sanctions against the Lebanese group Hezbollah, Hariri said his government has always collaborated with sanctions and that he plans to visit congress and hopes to reach "an agreement regarding the resolution that congress is putting out."