Russian troops have been deployed in Sweida ‎countryside in a step of what was reported to be the ‎implementation of ceasefire in the south of ‎Syria, recently reached by Moscow, Washington ‎and Amman.‎ Sources in Sweida 24 news network disclosed ‎that a Russian military police checkpoint was set ‎up in Bared village in Sweida southwestern ‎countryside near the city of Bosra al-Sham, in ‎Daraa.‎ More Russian troops were deployed on the western ‎side of Assad Khalkla Military Airport in the north of ‎Sweida near Lajat area.‎ Russian troops also arrived during the last days ‎to Assad regiment 404, located near the town of ‎Najran in the countryside of Sweida near Daraa.‎ Sources in Orient Net reported that about 400 ‎Russian military police "officers" arrived in Assad ‎Driving School near the city of Sanamin in ‎Daraa northern countryside.‎ The tripartite ceasefire deal in southern ‎Syria provided for the deployment of Russian ‎military police in the areas covered by the deal in coordination with Jordan and the ‎United States‏.‏ It is worthy to remind that Russian Foreign ‎Minister Sergey Lavrov said earlier this month that ‎Russia and the United States would do ‎everything in their power to ensure that ‎Israel’s ‎interests are reflected when the ‎Moscow-Washington de-escalation zone ‎in ‎southwestern Syria would be established.‎