Unknown armed men assassinated seven White Helmets rescue volunteers in Idlib eastern countryside early on Saturday (August 12). Orient News correspondent Shaher Smaq reported that a number of unknown armed men stormed into the Syria Civil Defense (SCD) center in Sarmeen town in Idlib eastern countryside and murdered 7 of its rescue volunteer members execution-style. In addition, the armed men stole all of the components of the center from machinery and tools that are used to rescue lives from under the rubble, the correspondent added. The correspondent confirmed that such kind of assassination has never happened before in the liberated areas. https://orient-news.net/news_images/17_8/1502535772.jpg Syrian journalist Hadi Abdullah reported that one of those who were killed execution-style was rescue volunteer Abo Kefah, who touched the hearts of millions after a video of him went viral filming him as hugged a baby he had just rescued from under the rubble and crying in disbelief as she opened her eyes and looked at her hero.  8mIguuODxR0 The SCD organization, aka the White Helmets, was established in Syria in late 2012 after relief organizations abandoned their duties in treating the wounded. The rescue organization established about 100 centers in 8 Syrian provinces and acted as an independent body to rescue the wounded and retrieve and document the dead throughout Syria. Russian-Assad military campaigns targeted aggressively the centers and cadres of the rescue teams operating in all liberated areas. The White Helmets were nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize, and won the Academy Award for Best Short Documentary. In September 2016, the Swedish private organization Wright Lifehood awarded its annual Human Rights Award – an "alternative Nobel" – to the White Helmets volunteers, stressing on “their exceptional courage, compassion and humanitarian commitment to save civilians from destruction.”