Russian warplanes conducted on Sunday multiple airstrikes on Deir ez-Zoor eastern countryside, killing tens of civilians only hours after the anti-ISIS US-led coalition warplanes perpetuated a massacre in the city of al-Buqamal in Deir ez Zoor countryside near the Iraqi border where 20 people were killed.  Deir ez-Zoor 24 Facebook page said Russian warplanes directly targeted ferries of civilians between the two banks of the Euphrates River near the villages of Bo Laila and Sabha in Deir ez-Zoor countryside. Fifteen civilians, including 9 charred beyond-recognition bodies, were killed and tens were seriously injured. Civilians in Deir ez-Zoor have started to heavily use ferries to move between the two sides of the Euphrates River, especially after the US-led coalition destroyed all bridges in the ISIS-controlled devastated city.