Turkish Foreign Ministry warned citizens living in Germany or traveling to the country to be cautious, in a statement released on Saturday. The ministry said Turkish citizens should act responsibly in cases of xenophobia, incidents of racism and verbal attacks. Citizens should also avoid political discussions and refrain from attending the rallies of political parties ahead of the upcoming elections, as well as any organized events held in Germany by terrorist organizations like the PKK, the statement said. The statement indicated that political leaders in Germany are basing their election campaigns on anti-Turkish rhetoric and aims of blocking Turkey from becoming a member of the EU. "The political leadership campaigns in Germany are based on anti-Turkish sentiment and preventing our country’s EU accession. The political atmosphere...has actually been under the effects of far-right and even racist rhetoric for some time," the Turkish Foreign Ministry said. The statement also advised citizens to pay attention to further announcements delivered by the Foreign Ministry, the Turkish Embassy in Berlin and other consulate generals in Germany. German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Sunday (September 10) rejected Turkey’s message to citizens that they should take care when travelling to Germany over what it said was an increase in anti-Turkish sentiment ahead of Germany’s election on Sept. 24. Tensions between Berlin and Ankara have been bubbling for months and Turkey’s word of caution on Saturday came after Germany’s foreign ministry on Tuesday warned citizens travelling to Turkey that they risk arbitrary detention even in tourist areas.