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Orient Net25-9-2018

Netanyahu: We will continue to act against Iran’s entrenchment in Syria

Israel’s security cabinet convened an emergency meeting Tuesday (Sep. 25) to discuss recent tensions with the Assad regime after the downing of a Russian plane last week, which killed 15 ..
Orient Net25-9-2018

Syrians, French stage joint sit-in to support Idlib in Lyon

A group of Syrian and French activists in France’s Lyon staged a silent sit-in to express their support to Idlib city, and to the demonstrations in Idlib that revived the ..
Orient Net25-9-2018

Turkey boosts military presence in Hama countryside

Turkish military convoy arrived on Tuesday (Sep. 25) in Hama countryside, Orient correspondents said. Turkish military tanks and armoured personnel carriers arrived to the Turkish observation point in Sher Maghar, and ..
Orient Net25-9-2018

France: Syria faces perpetual war unless Russia extends ceasefire

France warned Monday (Sep. 24) Syria faces a future of perpetual war unless Russia agrees to turn the one-month ceasefire in Idlib into a wider UN-endorsed political agreement, Guardian reported. The ..
Orient Net25-9-2018

Turkey FM: Turkey did not leave innocent people to the "brutal" Assad

The Mediterranean Sea is turning into a cemetery for hopeless people, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Monday (Sep. 24), AA reported. "Let me underline the terrible reality. The Mediterranean Sea, ..
Orient Net - AP25-9-2018

US warns Russia over missile defense for Assad regime

The Trump administration is warning Russia that supplying Syria with an advanced missile defense system would be a “major mistake” and should be reconsidered. It also says US forces will ..
Orient Net25-9-2018

SDF militiamen killed in Deir-ez-Zor countryside

Several SDF militiamen were killed late on Monday (Sep. 24) when ISIS attacked their position in Deir-ez-zor countryside, local media reported.  ISIS targeted SDF positions in Sousse desert with several mortar ..
Orient Net - Reuters25-9-2018

Netanyahu tells Putin delivery of S-300 to ِAssad regime will increase danger

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday (Sep. 24) that supplying advanced weapon systems to “irresponsible players” would increase dangers in the region, Netanyahu’s office ..
Orient Net24-9-2018

Five Assad militiamen killed in Hama countryside

Five Assad militiamen were killed and several others were wounded on Monday (Sept. 24) near Atshan village in Hama north-eastern  countryside, Orient correspondent said. The militiamen were killed when a landmine ..
Orient Net24-9-2018

MoD: Russia to supply S-300 to Assad regime within 2 weeks

Within two weeks Russia will complete the delivery to Assad regime of an S-300 air defense system previously suspended on a request by Israel as part of response to the ..