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Orient Net - Globe and Mail13-8-2018

Syria’s ‘disappeared’ deserve truth and justice

After years of silence, the recent trickle of information from the Assad regime about people who disappeared during the war into regime prisons has felt like a deluge. The tragic ..
Orient Net - Guardian11-8-2018

Banned 21 years ago, yet still the world stands by as chemical attacks go unchecked

Sweeping US sanctions imposed on Russia last week as punishment for the Salisbury nerve agent attack help maintain the comforting impression of an international community united in its determination to ..
Orient Net - WP11-8-2018

The West can still shape the terms for peace in Syria

The seven years of Syria’s crisis has cost half a million lives, displaced more than 5 million refugees and reordered the geopolitics of the Middle East. But the worst may ..
Orient Net - WP10-8-2018

Syria’s war could be entering its last and most dangerous phase

As Syria’s war enters what could be its last and most dangerous stretch, the Assad regime and its allies will have to contend for the first time with the presence ..
Orient Net - The Guardian5-8-2018

Macron and the west must not play along with Putin’s Syria endgame

On 21 July a Russian military Antonov cargo plane landed on an airstrip in Châteauroux, central France. It was loaded with 50 tonnes of humanitarian aid – medical supplies, tents ..
Orient Net - WP31-7-2018

Recruited by Iran to fight for Assad, young Afghans bring home cash and scars

Over the past four years, thousands of young Afghan Shiite men have been drawn into the war in Syria by Iran, part of a well-financed system of recruitment, training and ..
Orient Net - Lobelog31-7-2018

Assad regime should not be allowed to get away with mass murder

In the last few weeks, hundreds of Syrian families learned that their loved ones who had disappeared in Assad detention facilities had died. Many said that they found out as ..
Orient Net - Washington Post27-7-2018

Death notices for Syrian prisoners are suddenly piling up

The Assad regime has begun issuing death notices for political detainees at an unprecedented rate, according to groups that monitor the prisons, in an effort to resolve the fate of ..
Orient Net - The Guardian24-7-2018

From kidnap to torture, the database rigorously logging every Assad atrocity

On the third floor of a nondescript office block in downtown Copenhagen, about 2,500 miles from Damascus, a server gently hums. Its 600,000 gigabytes of data is comprised of thousands ..
Orient Net - The Washington Post21-7-2018

Inside the Putin-Netanyahu-Trump deal on Syria

There’s broad confusion both inside and outside the Trump administration about what “agreements” President Trump made with Russian President Vladimir Putin during their private meeting in Helsinki. One thing we ..