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Orient Net - Ahmad al-Shehabi25-9-2017

Eulogy to Halla Barakat

“A man,” wrote an Irish poet, “is original when he speaks the truth that has always been known to all good men.”  Halla Barakat was original. She was a good ..

Assad, junta can run, but can’t hide: Game is over

It is not yet clear how comforting the Russian promise to the Assad regime that it would not be targeted again by the Americans. After the April 7 strike on ..
Anisa Abeytia25-4-2017

Removing Assad must be a Western priority

Recently German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble commented that Muslim refugees should assimilate or leave, claiming this would somehow preserve “European values.”   It is understandable the trepidation Germans feel about the ..
Hakim Khatib25-4-2017

Nexus between waning regime’s power and influence of militants in Syria

That the United States launched 59 missiles targeting an Assad military base in Syria after the chemical attack on Khan Sheikhoun remains a chance for eradicating militants’ sphere of influence ..

After its veto on investigation, Russia seeks to erase evidence of Khan Sheikhoun chemical attack

After more than two weeks from the chemical attack carried out by the Assad regime, the investigation of the crime was closed by the Russian veto. Although Russia still claims ..

Le Pen vs. Macron: Will Trump win French presidential election?

With voting underway in the French presidential election, the race already appears to be more democratic than the one that ushered in Donald Trump’s surprising victory in the US. Unlike the ..
Mehmet Solmaz21-4-2017

Where do French presidential candidates stand on Syria?

French voters head to the polls on Sunday, for the first round of their two-stage presidential election. It will be the most closely fought race in their country’s modern history. ..
Yunus Paksoy21-4-2017

Time for post-referendum Turkey to act in Syria

The Turkish people went to ballot boxes last Sunday to vote on the constitutional changes. With more than 51 percent of the people approving the changes, Turkey has entered a ..
Amr Salahi21-4-2017

Trump’s failure to follow up on Shayrat emboldens Assad

For six long years, the Assad regime has been able to get away with its atrocities against the Syrian people with impunity. Ever since the regime first began to use ..

What’s next after Khan Sheikhoun gas attack?

Two weeks ago, Syria was hit by the second-deadliest chemical weapons attack – again committed by the Assad regime with full knowledge and a subsequent cover up campaign by the ..