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Orient Net - Global News11-8-2018

Syrian wrestling champion brings love of sport from Zaatari Camp to Canada

Mohammed Alkarad, the 12-time Syrian national champion wrestler, was coaching the national team when he was approached by the Assad regime. With protests around the country, they wanted him to become ..
Orient Net - BBC31-7-2018

Some Syrian refugee families face racism in Belfast

Some Syrian refugees in west Belfast are living in conditions that fall well below basic standards, according to a human rights group. A report by the Participation and Practice of Human ..
Orient Net25-7-2018

Syrian refugee musicians play at Polish festival

An orchestra of Syrian musicians who fled to Europe to escape the conflict in their country joined Polish colleagues to open a festival in the southern Polish city of Wroclaw. ..
Orient Net-The Washington Post30-6-2018

War in Aleppo through Syrian photographer’s eyes

In 2011, during the Arab Spring uprisings, peaceful protests also broke out in Syria. Protesters there wanted Assad to undertake democratic reforms. But he had no plans to do that. ..
Orient Net20-6-2018

Syrian refugee finds comfort in building miniature machines

Seeking a cure from alopecia areata, a Syrian refugee in a Jordanian camp from Deraa was advised to fill his time. Ehsan Al-Saqr, who fled his hometown to Zaatari camp four ..
Orient Net - Reuters18-6-2018

"Recycling rubbish into revenue" brings hope to Syrian and Jordanian women

Sameera Al Salam folds a discarded piece of newspaper into a long strip then loops it round her finger to form a tight circle, the first stage of making the ..
Orient Net3-6-2018

On Berlin’s "Arab Street," Syrian food served

In the heart of the German capital, people can enjoy a Syrian Iftar meal during the month of Ramadan. Syrian traditional food is served by some refugees who were allowed ..
Orient Net - Reuters25-4-2018

Lisbon foodies up for Syrian "Mezze" and fruitful discussion

Customers queuing for a table at the Syrian Mezze restaurant has become the norm for foodies in the Portuguese capital. But in another unusual scene, locals talk to the staff ..
Orient Net24-4-2018

At Gunpoint: Documentary deals with threats, challenges, illicit drug scourge in south of Syria

Orient TV is seeking to infiltrate the drug trafficking mafia that Hezbollah sends in coordination with the Assad regime to the liberated areas in the Syrian south. At Gunpoint is ..
Orient Net29-3-2018

Syrian refugee couple in Istanbul set up community library

Syrian refugee, Nada, fled her war-torn country four years ago, but she did not leave behind her love for books. Upon arrival to Istanbul, the university graduate could not find Arabic ..