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Orient Net17-10-2018

Syrian restaurant fills Brazilian bellies with traditional meals

Every Friday, a new pop-up restaurant brings Sao Paulo residents to a different corner of the globe with culinary delights prepared by refugees and immigrants who now call the Brazilian ..
Orient Net10-10-2018

Syrian Ahmad looks defiant despite physical challenge

Ahmad is physically challenged but he looks defiant and a man of strong will. His father was killed by an Assad airstrike conducted on a town in Idlib countryside seven ..
Orient Net9-10-2018

3000 students lack textbooks in Aleppo western countryside

Three thousand out of 8000 students in Aleppo western countryside don’t have textbooks, knowing that most of the available textbooks are second-hand ones, Orient news’ Ammar Jaber says. Mohammed Najem, a ..
Orient Net7-10-2018

Children in Aleppo countryside suffer from medical negligence

Hussein and his brother travel a long distance to reach this medical point in the town of Sheikh Ali in Aleppo countryside. Medical care is not available in their place ..
Orient Net5-10-2018

“I’d rather be killed than be a killer”: How the Assad regime erased peaceful protesters

On 22 July 2011, a young Syrian protester approached regime militiamen to offer them roses. He was not seen again. At the start of Syria’s popular uprising in 2011, a group ..
Orient Net3-10-2018

Project in Idlib countryside trains women on making cheese

Syrian women have become the breadwinners after the Assad regime’s militias killed or detained their husbands and fathers. Um Nawres was displaced from the eastern Ghouta. She was accepted in ..
Orient Net - Spiegel Online30-9-2018

Syria’s Idlib gets new lease on life

The looming military offensive on the Idlib province in Syria has been called off for now. People there are yearning to return to normal life and rapidly planning for the ..
Orient Net29-9-2018

Syrian, Turkish students celebrate new school year in Aleppo countryside

100 Turkish students have celebrated the new school year in Bza’a town in Aleppo countryside. Two thousand Syrian students from  Bza’a town and the nearby villages attended the ceremony with their fellow Turkish ..
Orient Net28-9-2018

Female survivor of Assad prisons speaks to Orient

Wafaa Najib, a former Syrian detainee, told Orient that she was exposed to torture in Assad regime’s detention centres. Wafaa lives now in Azaz in Aleppo countryside after she was among ..
Orient Net - Reuters26-9-2018

Exiled Syrian artist draws torture to ’continue the revolution’

The characters drawn in black-and-white ball-pen by Najah al-Bukai look broken, left in pain and despair by the torture the exiled Syrian artist says he went through and witnessed when ..