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Goebbels vs. Putin: An offspring outs as a master

If there is a party out there to understand Joseph Goebbels and what he did for Hitler and to the world, it is the Russians who suffered from him more ..
Orient Net - R. Sikora28-10-2016

"Art" for dictator’s sake

The day after Russian jets dropped bombs on three schools in northern Idlib killing 22 children, six teachers and wounding 75 other civilians, Assad regime’s news agency, SANA, published an ..
Orient Net - Jamal Mamo27-10-2016

More "secular" than Russia!

A pro-regime media outlet commented on the photos of  the Syrian Women’s Basketball League, released few days, by saying that those photos shouldn’t be commented on, because of the beautiful ..

When lying and telling the truth are two sides of the same rusty coin

When everything the intelligence (mukhabarat) circles do is secret and surreptitious − otherwise, it cannot be looked at as intelligence and frightening, as the case is with the Assad regime ..
Orient Net - R. Sikora21-10-2016

Assad to Omran: ‘You are not real’

In an interview with Swiss channel SRF1 on October 19, Bashar Assad proved to the world once again that he is impervious to truth. We have become used to the fact that ..
Orient Net - Jamal Mamo19-10-2016

Such a petition deserves this stamp

As deeper and bloodier the Russian aggression in Syria grows, the political dimension of this unprecedented and brutal intervention is turning into a kind of farce, which as a dramatic ..
Orient Net - R. Sikora 16-10-2016

Assad: Spurious, erroneous and genocidal

According to Assad’s interview with a reporter from Russia’s Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper on Friday, October 14, nothing having anything to do with Syria is what it appears to be. Assad told ..

When Rouhani goes lying

Assad, Iranian and Russian media outlets can easily manipulate any new item to adjust it to their purposes as it is said "this happens in the best of families." A media ..
Orient Net - Yasser Ashkar9-10-2016

“Did Assad sell Golan with furniture too?”

October 6, 2016, marked the 43nd anniversary of the Arab-Israeli War of 1973. For more than 40 years, it has been celebrated as a national holiday known as the October Liberation ..

Hezbollah’s Nasrallah and the one lie to tell

Hassan Nasrallah of Hezbollah − a very committed student of the Ayatollahs of Iran − has lived his life on being the mouthpiece of his bosses, echoing their discourse and ..