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Orient Net12-8-2018

Syrian opposition builds army with Turkish help

A “National Army” being set up by Syrian opposition fighters with Turkey’s help could become a long-term obstacle to Bashar Assad’s recovery of the northwest - if they can end ..
Orient Net - CH 410-8-2018

Syria’s disappeared is new evidence Assad intelligence knew

Filmmakers Sara Afshar and Nicola Cutcher reveal evidence showing the Head of Military Intelligence asked to be informed about every single death of an individual in his custody. New evidence from ..
Orient Net8-8-2018

Al-Bab’s local council tells Orient: Harran University to begin in Sep

Orient News correspondent met on Tuesday (August 7) Fewzi al-Sayeh, a local council member in Aleppo eastern countryside’s al-Bab. Al-Sayed said the Turkish Harran University to start work in September ..
Orient Net1-8-2018

Al-Bab’s local council in Aleppo countryside issues IDs for Syrians

The local council in al-Bab in Aleppo eastern countryside has started to issue local identity cards for all Syrians in the city. Locals or internally displaced persons can get this ..
Orient Net22-7-2018

Want a jet suit? Well now you can

A jet suit created by a British former commodities trader has gone on sale in a London department store with a cool price tag of 340,000 pounds ($443,428). Made up of ..
Orient Net14-7-2018

Free open source software in memory of Bassel Safadi

Rainbox animation company has recently launched “Dulik Bassel” in memory of the Syrian Palestinian Bassel Khartabil Safadi. Rainbox describe the new version of Duik “Dulik Bassel” as the biggest available script ..
Orient Net11-7-2018

US falling short in countering Iran’s aims on Syria

The Trump administration has dramatically hardened its policy toward Iran, but has yet to articulate or implement a policy to counter Tehran’s proxy activity in Syria — effectively leaving Israel ..
Orient Net10-7-2018

Syrian potatoes curb price hike in Turkey

Turkey has started importing potatoes from its neighbour Syria, in a move that is seen benefitting people of both countries. Bringing in potatoes from Syria has eased prices in Turkey and ..
Orient Net8-7-2018

Disabled Syrian girl ditches tin legs for prosthetics

A disabled Syrian girl from Aleppo, who was born without limbs, abandoned her makeshift tin can legs on Thursday (July 5) as she tried her new prosthetics for the first ..
Orient Net8-7-2018

Syrians displaced by regime from Daraa’s al-Herak speak to Orient

Syrians displaced by the Assad regime’s sectarian militias from the city of al-Herak in Daraa spoke to Orient News on Saturday (July 7) about their dire conditions.  Translation:  Ahmad al-Shehabi  ..