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Orient Net - Reuters11-12-2018

UNHCR holds bazaar in Jordan to help refugees ahead of winter

Nearly 100 refugees from Syria, Iraq, Somalia and Sudan presented their handicrafts in some 35 stalls at the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) winter bazaar in the Jordanian ..
Orient Net11-12-2018

Syrians' status quo in Daraa under Assad control

Locals in Daraa watch Assad reinforcements reaching their areas in grief, according to reports. Assad militias are setting up checkpoints and forcibly drive the young men to the military conscription. ..
Orient Net10-12-2018

Buses bring education to Syrian refugee children in Bekaa camp

An international non-governmental organization recently provided Syrian refugee children in Lebanon’s Bekaa with several buses which have been equipped with necessary teaching facilities, so as to give them opportunities of ..
Orient Net9-12-2018

Muddy roads in Aleppo countryside hamper schooling

Students in Aleppo countryside are suffering while going to school because of the mud and the potholes, Orient News Ammar Jaber said. Ammar Jaber visited a school in one of the ..
Orient Net1-12-2018

Timeline of major events in Syrian revolution

This timeline shows how the Syrian revolution was flared, and how the country splintered, foreign powers were drawn in, peace-making efforts failed, and Russia strongly helped Assad militia drive back ..
Orient Net14-11-2018

What Assad regime benefited from Sweida abductees

The eighth day of this month, November, witnessed the release of the Sweida living abductees held by ISIS. The way of the release was disturbing. The Assad regime media said  ..
Orient Net7-11-2018

Think of Others is innovative way of voluntary work in Idlib

At least three million Syrians are facing major challenges in the north of the country as winter is approaching. A group of volunteers  in the city of Saraqeb in Idlib ..
Orient Net3-11-2018

Teachers in Idlib’s Jisr al-Shughur held workshop

The educational complex in Jisr al-Shughur organized a workshop on Thursday (Nov. 1) in Darkush town in Idlib western countryside , Orient news’ Hashem al-Abdullah says. The workshop discussed the obstacles ..
Orient Net10-10-2018

Syrian Ahmad looks defiant despite physical challenge

Ahmad is physically challenged but he looks defiant and a man of strong will. His father was killed by an Assad airstrike conducted on a town in Idlib countryside seven ..
Orient Net9-10-2018

3000 students lack textbooks in Aleppo western countryside

Three thousand out of 8000 students in Aleppo western countryside don’t have textbooks, knowing that most of the available textbooks are second-hand ones, Orient news’ Ammar Jaber says. Mohammed Najem, a ..