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Orient Net12-8-2018

Syrians in Aleppo countryside stage sit-in in solidarity with fellow detainees

Syrian in Aleppo countryside staged on Saturday (August 11) a sit-in in solidarity with the Syrian detainees who were tortured to death in the Assad regime’s centres.  Translation & voice over: ..
Orient Net8-8-2018

The Axis discusses Trump-Putin Summit & Russia’s actions in Europe

Orient News’ Hayvi Bouzo discussed on Monday (July 30) the Trump-Russia summit, and Russia’s actions in Europe and the Middle East. Bouzo hosted Mark Simakovsky, a Senior Fellow at the ..
Orient Net8-8-2018

In The Axis discusses US policy towards Iran & US position towards Syria

Orient News’ Hayvi Bouzo discussed on Monday (August 6) the US policy towards Iran and the US position towards Syria. Bouzo hosted  Peter Rough, a fellow at the Hudson Institute ..
Orient News8-8-2018

Orient gauges Syrians’ reaction over old detainees at Assad centres

Orient News spoke on Tuesday (August 7) to many Syrians in Aleppo countryside. They said Assad regime was releasing the news netainees while the old real opposition members were finished ..
Orient Net5-8-2018

Syrians in Idlib’s Hass hold solidarity with fellow detainees

Syrians in Idlib’s Hass held solidarity with their fellow Syrian detainees and detainees’ relatives. On Friday (August 3), they claimed their living detainees and the bodies of those killed. They ..
Orient Net5-8-2018

Daily Assad bombing reported in Idlib’s Jisr al-Sheghoor

Assad regime’s militias bomb villages and towns in Idlib Jisr al-Sheghoor on a daily basis. Orient News correspondent visited scene of the attacks and spoke to locals on Thursday (August ..
Orient Net1-8-2018

Fourth batch IDPs from Quneitra reaches in Hama countryside

Orient News’ Jameel al-Hasen witnessed on Tuesday (July 31) the first moments when  the Syrian internally displaced persons reached from Quenitra countryside to the north of Syria . It is ..
Orient Net1-8-2018

Aleppo western countryside bombed by Assad, Iranian militias

Aleppo western countryside was bombed on Tuesday the 31 of July by Assad and Iranian militias. The bombing came from the Assad military academy and the al-Zahraa neighborhood.  The towns ..
Orient Net1-8-2018

Parents mourn tortured-to-death-by-Assad-militia son

Orient News’ Ibrahim al-Khatib visited the parents of Abduljabbar al-Ahmad in Aleppo countryside’s Babto. Abduljabbar went to a nearby Bab al-Hawa area seven years ago.  The Assad militias detained him there. ..
Orient Net29-7-2018

Assad regime hands over lists of killed detainees

Syrians in Darayya in Damascus western countryside carried roses in the face of the Assad terrorists who came in 2011 to suppress their claims for freedom.  Syrians say it is ..