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Orient Net9-12-2018

The Axis discusses impact of the new US sanctions on Iranian regime

Hayvi Bouzo interviewed on Monday (November. 26) Tzvi Khan, the Senior Iran Analyst at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies. They discussed the new US sanctions on the Iranian regime, ..
Orient News9-12-2018

The Axis discusses dialogue between Islam, Judaism & Christianity

Hayvi Bouzo interviewed on Saturday (November.  24) Rabbi Sunny Schnitzer, from the Bethesda Jewish Congregation, Dr. Tarek Elgewhery from the Islamic Cultural Center of Potomac MD and Pastor Dr. David ..
Orient Net30-11-2018

The Hell, Labour of Death

Oztuna has produced a 45-minute documentary to tell the untold stories of thousands of Syrians who have been detained and forcibly disappeared in Assad’s prisons and detention centres.  The Hell, Labour ..
Orient Net14-11-2018

Orient News’ reporter tells latest developments in Idlib

Orient News’ correspondent has talked about developments in Idlib countryside. Four people have been injured after the Assad regime’s artillery shells fell on the city of Jarjanaz on Wednesday (November ..
Orient Net14-11-2018

Bread prices double in Aleppo countryside

The family of Abo Mahmoud is of one of hundreds of families who have been displaced into Aleppo northern countryside. They say they face extremely difficult life. The sharp shortages ..
Orient Net11-11-2018

Volunteers plant trees in Aleppo northern countryside

A group of young men in Aleppo northern countryside has launched a voluntary campaign to implant a large number of trees in this deforested area.   The deforestation was the result of ..
Orient Net11-11-2018

Jaysh al-Ezza explains to Orient Iranian attack in Hama countryside

The commander of the Jaysh al-Ezza, the main opposition group, has explained to orient News how the Iranian militias launched an offensive on the opposition locations on Hama northern countryside’s ..
Orient Net4-11-2018

Assad shells fly over Turkish observation point in Idlib

Syrian internally displaced persons have started to leave their tents after the Assad regime’s militias shelled them.  The shelling took place near the Turkish observation point in the town of  ..
Orient Net3-11-2018

Orient News visits scene of Assad shelling in Idlib’s Jarjnaz

Orient News’ camera visited on Friday (Nov. 2) the scene of the shelling that was launched on Jarjnaz village in Idlib countryside by Assad militias. Assad regime’s rocket launchers and artillery ..
Orient Net28-10-2018

Syrian opens workshop to help orphans for free in Aleppo’s al-Bab

In the city of al-Bab in Aleppo eastern countryside, Mahmood Hashem, has opened a workshop to provide service for his fellow Syrian orphans and widowed women for free. He named ..