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Orient Net21-10-2018

Australia’s O’Toole wins Timbersports world championship

Australia’s Laurence O’Toole made it two out of two for his nation on Saturday (October 20) at the Timbersports World Championships by winning the individual title 24 hours after his ..
Orient Net - Reuters21-10-2018

Supporters of EU march for second referendum in London

Tens of thousands of supporters of the European Union began marching through London on Saturday (October 20) as part of what organisers say will be the largest ever demonstration to ..
Orient Net - Reuters21-10-2018

’Anyone who votes for a Democrat is crazy’ - Trump tells rally

US President Donald Trump on Friday (October 19) told his support base that Democrats were an ’unhinged mob’ and that anyone who votes for Democrats in the November midterm elections ..
Orient Net21-10-2018

Toll caused US-led coalition raids in Deir ez-Zoor reached 70

The death toll caused by the US-led coalition airstrikes has reached 70, most of them women and children as civilians’ houses and mosques in the town of Sousa  in Deir ..
Orient Net14-10-2018

Sit-in staged in Idlib countryside to support White Helmets

A group of Syrians in the city of Khan Sheikhoun staged a sit-in on Saturday (October 13) to show solidarity with the White Helmets rescuers. They said they wanted to ..
Orient Net14-10-2018

Clashes in Aleppo city are ongoing

Five days have passed since the clashes in Aleppo’s eastern neighbourhoods started. The local Barri militia seems to have the upper hand. They drove out the Shia militias from Bab ..
Orient Net13-10-2018

Anti-Assad protests continue in north of Syria

Syrians took to the streets in the city of Azaz in Aleppo northern countryside on Friday (October 12). Demonstrators from  other neighbouring towns in Aleppo countryside came to take part ..
Orient Net13-10-2018

Opposition reinforces DMZ fronts in Hama countryside

Orient News’ Jameel al-Hasen visited on Friday (October 12) the fighting fronts in Hama northern countryside. The opposition’s National Front for Liberation said that fronts were reinforced and trenches and ..
Orient Net10-10-2018

Syrians in Idlib province’s Maaret Shoreen chant anti-Assad slogans

Confirming their revolutionary demands, Syrians of Maarshoreen in Idlib southern countryside took to the streets on Tuesday (Oct. 9). They chanted anti-Assad slogans and called for the release of Syrian ..
Orient Net - VOA7-10-2018

VOA interviews Hayvi Bouzo of Orient TV

VOA’s Greta Van Susteren interviewed Hayvi Bouzo, Washington bureau chief of Orient TV, on the ground during a high-level week at the United Nations General Assembly.  Hayvi, who is Kurdish-Syrian, talked ..