Four opposition fighters were killed on Saturday and tens were seriously injured by a car bomb exploded by one of ISIS-affiliated elements in the city of Tafas in Daraa western countryside, activists told Orient Net. The suicide attack took place in the north of the city precisely in a base of the opposition fighting group al-Muaataz Bellah, locals said. This suicide attack coincides with the ongoing battles between opposition’s The Army of al-Yarmouk on one side and the ISIS-affiliated group Brigades of al-Yarmouk Martyrs on the other. The ISIS-affiliated elements are accused of making pledge to ISIS, and they made progress against opposition fighters in the last week in many axes of Daraa. It is worthy to note that al-Nusra Front’s commander Tareq al-Masallma was killed by ISIS-affiliated elements in the clashes which erupted in the area last Monday.