In Al-Thawra newspaper, an article entitled “Liberation of Palmyra” links between terrorism in Europe and that of ISIS in Syria. It says that the regime forces are being killed while fighting ISIS for the sake of the whole world, let alone Syrian civilians. Assad regime is very cunning in benefiting from the “cessation of hostilities”. As it was busy killing Syrians in the last five years while enjoying the growth of ISIS, the regime did not find a reason to fight its own creation. With the current changes in the international arena, only those fighting ISIS are credited. Assad regime did not lose a moment to market itself as the one fighting and defeating ISIS. Assad and ISIS have one common enemy which is the Syrian people. Coordination between the two was manifest in continuing oil sales, the assassination of many opposition leaders, and surrendering many towns and cities. As a gift for ISIS’ help to the regime against the Syrian opposition, the regime gave some cities like Palmyra and Sukhna to ISIS. The latter, in response to the regime’s cooperation, will continue selling oil via both pipelines and tankers. Two officials from the regime attended a meeting with ISIS– Talal Ali and Colonel Ahmed Abdel Wahhab, who is serving as head of military intelligence in Qamishli. The meeting was arranged after Ali Mamlouk, head of the Assad National Security Bureau, tasked his representatives with convincing ISIS to increase attacks on the opposition. Following the meeting, ISIS captured Palmyra without facing any serious struggle from regime forces. After all this, the regime is trying to deceive the world by concocting further fabricated scenarios hoping to survive longer and to be given the chance for more destruction and killing. There were many cases of dispute between ISIS and the Assad regime because each of them wants to have the upper hand on Syrians. True is the fact that ISIS coordinates with Assad regime, but ISIS, having grown and flourished all over Syria, has its own interests which might contradict with those of Assad. Al-Hasakah, which is at the center of a corridor for the Kurdish-populated areas serves as one example. ISIS wanted to seize al-Hasakah to break the PYD’s power in the region to secure the north while attacking the opposition in the north of Aleppo. However, the regime representatives asked ISIS not to attack the Kurdish area as the regime and the PYD previously agreed that al-Hasakah will remain in the hands of the YPG. However, ISIS did not accept the regime’s demand and attacked al-Hasakah. A clash between the group and the regime erupted and many of Assad forces were killed. Such clashes show that cooperation between ISIS and Assad is not valid across Syria, but has a specific target which is to destroy those who oppose them- the Syrian people. It is high time that those involved in the Syrian case realize that ISIS is no more than a readymade tool and recipe to be: *the objective denominator and cover-up of the brutal Assad regime. *a symbol of terrorism. *a symbol of thugness and ugliness. *An enemy of the world. *the silencer of anyone to target the source of terrorism that triggered it. Palmyra was handed in to ISIS and ISIS handed it back to the Assad regime at the desired time.