His Excellency Butcher of Syria
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"His Excellency" Butcher of Syria

Orient Net - R. Sikora
Date: 2016-08-25 10:00
I recently became aware of the existence of a pro-Assad group called the Syria Solidarity Movement through a regime propaganda rag called The Syria Times. In a section called “Things Said About Our President” I found the following:

“Had there been a Nobel Prize for fighting terrorism, President Bashar Al-Assad should have been so awarded… Prof. Anderson was very supportive and he strongly stated that H.E. President Assad has indeed been on behalf of the entire world fighting terrorism in defense of his citizens as well of all humans worldwide.”

The first thing I attempted to decipher in this entry was the use of the initials H.E. which continued to appear in the post.

Could it possibly mean what I thought it meant?

Sure enough the Butcher of Syria, who is responsible for the torture, disabling, displacement and deaths of millions of Syrians, was being referred to as His Excellency.

At this point I was nauseous. But it was going to get worse… much worse.

“Syria has been on behalf of the entire world fighting terrorism and, thanks to the Syrian Army and its allies, is winning the war…” 

Alas, I couldn’t help but think about the fact that all of this “terrorism” being mentioned was unleashed under Assad’s watch and only grows worse the longer he remains in power… but I read on.

“The sovereignty of Syria should be respected and the bids to subjugate and dominate Syria failed. The role of Russia, Iran and Hezbollah in fighting terrorism is great and remarkable, Prof Anderson highlighted, citing the role of the Axis of Resistance which has been bolstered and distinguished during the war.”

And there he was again; Tim Anderson, the Australian academic  who is just another clueless foreign conspiracy theorist with no real knowledge of what life has been like for the majority of Syrians under Assad rule. 

Does he even know about the military coup in which Bashar’s father seized power from a popular president who belonged to the same Baath Party?

Anderson once referred to Assad as a “Point of Light” and makes claims that Syria was stable under the Assad regime for 40 years…with no mention of the fact Assad’s prisons were full of anyone even suspected of having anti-regime thoughts.

In fact, the president ousted by Hafez al Assad spent 22 years in prison without ever being charged with any crime and was released only one week prior to his death from cancer which he was denied treatment for.

This is not to mention the many massacres committed by Hafez in order to ensure the “stability” Anderson refers to.

“President Al-Assad is in all of his diplomatic and decisive stances the thrilling voice of logic and reason in the world. H.E. the Syrian President is highly cultured and popular yet he has been at the center of Western and ignorant attacks and propaganda.”

By now my nauseousness had turned into incredulity.

Assad is “the thrilling voice of reason”? The man who called the Syrian people germs and then terrorists? The man who said only a crazy person would kill his own people as he was, in reality, doing exactly that?

Is being a delusional liar what it means to be “highly cultured”?

The article’s author went on talk about meeting Assad and gushed some more about him being “the embodiment of bravery, courage, firmness and strength in defending his country, its sovereignty and integrity against terrorism and evil forces of darkness.”

I am wondering if this author would feel the same sitting in the darkness of one of Assad’s many prisons which are not on the tour given to his supportive foreign visitors.

And as for his bravery, I have always viewed his brutal response to legitimate requests from the Syrian people for government reforms as an act of extreme cowardice.

Who among the truly brave would rather kill his people and try to control them through intimidation rather than respond to their legitimate requests and establish a rule of law that would protect all of them?

A man who fears being removed from a chair that he does not deserve and is willing to go to any lengths to hold onto is not brave, courageous or strong. He is merely self-serving and brutal.

The author went on to use more words like hero, humanity, and refer to frequent visits by Assad to regime forces going “where none can tread but the Lion!”

The nauseousness returned with a vengeance but quickly turned to anger as the author began to praise Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett.

 “He has popular support as President more than most world leaders, including notably those in countries like France, Canada, the USA, Germany and others, confidently asserted Eva [Bartlett] by way of example, singing in Arabic what millions of Syrians chant: ’ Allah, Syria, and Bashar’. Eva noted the many massive demonstrations in support for President al-Assad, since early 2011 onwards.” 
Popular support of whom? I would ask Ms. Barlett.

Of the millions of Syrians who spontaneously poured into the streets demanding that he step down?

Or the families of the more than half a million Syrians he and his allies have killed?

Or perhaps the millions who have been forcibly displaced from their Syrian homes they had no desire to leave?

Bartlett has also mentioned the many photos of Assad that she saw posted around Damascus during her visit as proof that he is popular. 

The meaning of propaganda has obviously been lost on this clueless Assad groupie.

Perhaps Ms. Bartlett should poll the thousands of Syrians still being held in Assad’s hellhole prisons.

We promise that if she loses her way in the terrible darkness we will send Tim Anderson to guide her with his “Point of Light” who is known to the majority of Syrians and their supporters as the Butcher of Syria.


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