A woman was crushed under the ceiling of her own house as it fell on her because of Assad-Russian air raids on al-Rastan city in Homs northern countryside on Sunday, according to footage posted on the Internet. Orient Net reported earlier today Assad-Russian airstrikes on al-Rastan, which claimed the lives of two women and injured a number of other civilians, after the attack with vacuum bombs hit residential areas in the city. The footage published by Qasioun News Agency showed the dead woman’s head dripping blood as she was crushed by the ceiling which fell on her. Civil defense volunteers were gathering near the destroyed house trying to figure out how to pull out the body while one volunteer shakes the dead woman’s hand to check if she is still alive. It is worthy to remind that Assad-Russian warplanes have been intensifying air raids on many Homs and Homs countryside towns and cities, using different types of weapons, including the internationally-prohibited vacuum, cluster, and incendiary napalm bombs. WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT.