An explosive-laden motorbike exploded Saturday night in al-Rakban encampment on the Syrian-Jordanian border, leading to a number of deaths and injuries, Orient News correspondent reported. The bomb targeted a warehouse in the camp while clothes were being distributed to the refugees, which killed two people and injured 15 others, some critically. It is not clear yet who carried out the attack as no one has claimed responsibility for the blast. The camp contains around 70,000 Syrian families which suffer dire humanitarian conditions as Jordan has sealed its borders in the face of Syrians after ISIS had targeted a border guard checkpoint with a car bomb last June, killing six Jordanian soldiers. Al-Rakban refugee camp is located in the buffer border region where the Jordanian, Syrian and Iraqi borders converge, and the camp – which is approximately 120 kilometers from the nearest al-Ruwaished village – has only one water well, no paved roads and very primitive tents and facilities.