New batch of Homs’ al-Waer residents departs to Jarablus

Two of the buses which transported the 6th batch of al-Waer population. (Orient photo)
Orient Net
Date: 2017-04-24 11:47
A new group of al-Waer neighborhood’s population in Homs left on Monday heading to northern Syria.

This new batch of al-Waer population is the sixth after previous five had left the neighborhood within the past two months.

The forcibly displaced batch includes 360 families of 1650 people who left in the early hours of Monday heading to Jarablus town on the Syria – Turkey border.

The displaced civilians left boarding 50 buses along with 7 trucks taking the route passing through Homs, Salamiya, Athraya, Khanasser, al-Sufaira, Tadef and al-Bab. They also include 25 families that lost at least one parent, detainees, 8 disabilities 40 chronic disease cases and 100 infants.

(A truck loaded with the belongings of the population forcibly leaving al-Waer. April 24. 2017 - Orient photo)

(A disabled man seated on a wheelchair is seen among al-Waer population preparing to leave to Jarablus in northern Syria, April 24, 2017 - Orient photo)

The previous batch of al-Waer neighborhood’s population left on Tuesday (April 18) heading to northern Syria, after a 24-hour delay by Assad terrorists at a checkpoint.

The forced displacement of al-Waer population started mid-March after the population was forced to negotiate a Russia-brokered deal with the Assad regime as the latter carpet-bombed al-Waer, killing and injuring dozens. Residents also suffered suffocating siege and miserable living conditions.