The media office of al-Bunyan al-Marsous Operations Room (BMOR), an operations room that coordinates military action against Assad terrorists in Daraa, announced on Friday (June 23) the death of another group from Assad terrorists’ Fourth Division, east of Daraa Camp. In a statement published on its social media accounts, BMOR’s media office said that opposition fighters targeted a building where terrorists from Assad’s Fourth Division were hiding in the line of fire, east of Daraa Camp. The targeting led to killing the whole group of Assad terrorists. According to the statement, a group of fighters from BMOR in coordination with Russ al-Sufouf Operations Room, another operations room created recently to coordinate military action in other parts of Daraa, stormed the headquarters of the Fourth Division in the line of fire east of Daraa Camp, which resulted in killing dozens of Assad terrorists and forced others to run away. BMOR also announced the death of 11 Assad terrorists in the ongoing fighting in Daraa countryside, hours after the killing of the Fourth Division terrorists. The Fourth Division, headed by Bashar Assad’s brother, Maher, is considered the strongest military formation among Assad terrorists’ ranks. Its militants receive special training and support and are provided with cutting-edge weapons.