The Free Syrian Army (FSA) said that its fighters succeeded on Monday (July ‎‎17) in killing and capturing a number of PKK-‎affiliated Syria Democratic Forces (SDF) during ‎an operation in Aleppo northern countryside.‎ Orient News’ Khalid Abo al-Majed, reporting ‎from Aleppo northern countryside, said ‎opposition fighters launched a surprise attack on ‎the SDF’ checkpoints in the village of Ain Diqneh ‎in the Aleppo northern countryside where they ‎killed and captured SDF terrorists.‎ Clashes are still talking place until the time of the ‎updating, Khalid Abo Al-Majed says.‎ ‎The Turkish newspaper al-Qarar, the Decision, ‎revealed earlier this month the start of the ‎countdown to launch a new operation ‎carried out by the Turkish army in northern Syria. The main Turkish newspapers. Daily Sabah and Anadula Agency, did not deny or confirm the new operation. ‎ The soon-to-come operation was named Saif al-‎Furat, the Sword of the Euphrates, according to ‎Turkish sources.‎ Operation Euphrates Shield was the first Turkish military operation in Syria. It resulted in pushing out ISIS terrorists from their main stronghold, al-Bab city, in Aleppo eastern countryside. Al-Bab was announced ISIS-free zone on Feb. 23, 2017.