Once a professor of agriculture at Damascus University, Ryad Alsous, 64, arrived as a refugee in the United Kingdom four years ago. Abandoning his research into beekeeping and environmental pollution, he fled Syria for his life after his family received death threats and his car was bombed. In July 2013, he joined his wife in Huddersfield, the West Yorkshire city where their daughter Razan had settled. Razan, who had arrived the previous year, is something of a local celebrity, appearing on a national television cooking show thanks to the award-wining halloumi produced by her company, Yorkshire Dama Cheese. Back in Syria, Alsous had managed 500 beehives whose colonies, derived from the Italian and Carniolan strains, produced at least 10 tonnes of honey a year. In addition to his research at the university, he ran a company selling herbal and honey-based cosmetics. AMO5rR4xu_U