The ongoing siege and bombardment dramatically affected the cancer patients in Eastern Ghouta, Damascus, with more than 1200 patients, according to Dar Al-Rahma cancer treatment center in Eastern Ghouta, the only cancer treatment center in Eastern Ghouta. Wissam Al-Shami, the remaining doctor specialized in malignant tumor treatment and hematology in eastern Ghouta, and head of Dar Al-Rahma center, confirmed that a total 1228 of cancer patients are registered in the center. Al-Shami told Orient Net that the center was providing treatment for 665 patients, securing very expensive pharmaceutical dosages through smugglers, while some other patients escaped to other areas in East Rural Damascus through tunnels. Dr. Al-Shami said that Assad regime blocked all ways to treat those patients after tightening the siege of eastern Ghota. 32 patients have passed away so far, while international humanitarian organizations and UN are unable to get them out or deliver treatment to them. Twenty percent of the total number center patients have been children for the last four years, and 45% have been women. Marwa Abdul Fattah, a mother of three children, lost her life from tumor in the spine, due to late detection and lack of treatment. Earlier this month, the United Nations called for the urgent evacuation of 500 patients besieged in the Damascus suburb of eastern Ghouta, while 400,000 civilians remain trapped under Assad regime’s bombardments, while the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said in a statement that 137 children between the ages of 7 months and 17 years require immediate medical assistance due to kidney failure, acute malnutrition and injuries caused by the bombing.