A Turkish aid agency has set up an accommodation center in Syria’s northern Idlib countryside for Syrians fleeing ongoing violence and airstrikes in eastern Hama, according to a foundation official on Friday. The Humanitarian Relief Foundation (IHH), one of the country’s leading aid groups, completed the center in Kafar Lousin village. The agency’s media adviser, Selim Tosun, told Anadolu Agency in Turkey’s border province of Hatay that 200 families had been placed in the tent camp. “Families coming underwent health screening at a mobile health center. A school was also established for the children," he said, adding water tankers were meeting the needs of clean drinking water. Tosun said the children were obviously traumatized following the bombardment that they witnessed. "There were some children, who fled to their tents after getting scared of the sound of an electricity generator that we used," he said. The IHH also plans to set up new tent camps in Babushka region, near Idlib. Turkish Red Crescent, locally known as Kizilay, sent on Friday two trucks loaded with 200 tents from Turkey’s northwestern Kirklareli province to Idlib countryside.