The number of Syrians joining the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) militias in Assad regime areas in Syria has dramatically increased, mostly to avoid the obligatory and reserve military service with Assad forces. The Iranian led-militias work as missionaries attracting young men to become Shiaa, a part of a larger Iranian plan to have widespread leverage in Syria.   IRGC militias have several training centers such as "Sawa" training center in Aleppo, the Damascus "Iranian Center", as it is called by people in the area, and "Mohammad Salmon" Barrack in Hama. By joining these militias, Syrians sign a contract that includes an exemption term from the obligatory military service with Assad regime forces, and a guarantee that the service period with these militias will not exceed a year and a half, in addition to 50 SYP monthly salary, and a security card providing protection form Assad security members. This is not the case with everyone joining IRGC militias. Many people were blackmailed by a leader of one of those militias in Hama called "Abo al-Khair", where they paid him bribes ranging from 100 thousand to 2 million SYP, and surrendered their salaries only to join the militia without fighting in any battles. Around 30 thousand Syrians have joined the IRGC militias across Syria, according to statistics provided by Syrian opposition groups.