Around 215 Russians may have been killed earlier this week by the US-led Coalition and US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Syria’s Deir Ezzor, based on information shared on Russian social media, according to The Defense Post report. The report confirms that a February 10 post on Russian social networking service VKontakte says 253 Russians were sent into a fight near Deir Ezzor, and 196 of them died in the attack. The force consisted of Russian Special Operations Forces alongside Russians employed by private military contractor PMC Wagner, equipped with artillery and tanks. Mark Feygin, a Russian lawyer and politician who served as a deputy of the State Duma in 1994-1995, tweeted on Saturday that, according to an individual in touch with PMC Wagner, the number of contractors who died east of the Euphrates river has reached 215.

Сообщил человек общающийся с людьми из «Вагнера», что число погибших контрактников ЧВК в долине Ефрата в Сирии достигло 215 человек. Подошли к курдскому укрепрайону, развернули артеллерию, дали залп и тут же их накрыли американцы.

— Mark Feygin (@FeyginMark) February 10, 2018
However, Roman Saponkov, a Russian reporter in Syria, said that PMC Wagner lost 20-25 fighters, and questioned the veracity of information shared about the incident.

Russian reporter in Syria Roman Saponkov says he believes Russian PMC Wagner lost "20-25 fighters" in yesterday's US airstrikes on regime forces in NE Syria. Raises question of what these forces were doing there/thinking in the first place.

— Neil Hauer (@NeilPHauer) February 10, 2018
The Russian Ministry of Defence has not mentioned any Russian casualties in its statements. The US-led Coalition against ISIS said on Thursday that it responded to an “unprovoked attack” on a well-established SDF headquarters by forces aligned with the Assad regime. Military officials said Coalition aircraft including F-22A Raptors, MQ-9B Reapers, F-15E Strike Eagles, AC-130 gunships, US Army Apache helicopters and US Marine artillery ground forces engaged the pro-regime fighters.