Fighting continued in Syria’s Afrin area as Free Syrian Army (FSA) and Turkish military advanced in the area, while YPG restricted movement of civilians wishing to flee. FSA and Turkish military captured on Tuesday another village from PYD/YPG, according to Anadolu Agency. Attacking forces cleared PYD/YPG members from the Omar Simo village in Afrin, Syria. This morning, a Turkish convoy of reinforcement, including armored vehicles arrived to Hatay province in Turkey, heading to join Operation Olive Branch in Syria’s Afrin. The Turkish Army said on Tuesday, 1,439 PYD/YPG and ISIS members have been "neutralized" since the launch of Operation Olive Branch in Syria’s Afrin region on Jan. 20. Ursula Mueller, the Deputy UN Emergency Relief Coordinator, said 16,000 people have been displaced in Afrin, but at the same time, civilian movement has reportedly been restricted by YPG particularly for those wishing to leave the area.