Ghouta patients evacuated to be treated in Damascus

Orient Net
2018-03-13 12:25
The first group of patients left eastern Ghouta today (Mar. 13) heading to Damascus city to receive treatment in regime hospitals, based on the first agreement by opposition fighters with Russia and regime to allow patients out since the start of regime offensive on February 18.

Orient News correspondent said 25 patients left eastern Ghouta this morning accompanied with their families to receive treatment in Syria’s capital, Damascus.

Regime prevented the Red Crescent buses to enter eastern Ghouta, insisting on patients to leave the area in busses towards regime checkpoint opposite eastern Ghouta, in the Al-Wfideen crossing, where Red crescent busses were waiting, our correspondent reported, confirming that regime is using evacuation to film evacuees as civilians fleeing eastern Ghouta.

The medical system in eastern Ghouta is near collapse, medics and doctors said, after nearly a week of airstrikes that have hit 22 hospitals and clinics and led to widespread claims that civilian healthcare in the besieged area is being systematically annihilated.

A World Health Organization official said Assad regime had ordered 70 percent of medical supplies to be stripped out of the humanitarian aid convoy that recently entered Ghouta, preventing trauma kits, surgical kits, insulin and other vital material from reaching the area.