Syrian refugee, Nada, fled her war-torn country four years ago, but she did not leave behind her love for books. Upon arrival to Istanbul, the university graduate could not find Arabic books, which were also too expensive to buy from outside Turkey. She sourced her first 200 books through donations from abroad and set up her own lending library last year, initially just for friends. With their encouragement, she expanded her collection and began lending other Syrian refugees online. For a small annual fee, refugee families on low incomes could read different books throughout the year. She met her fiancee and business partner, Mohamed, at a book fair. A Syrian refugee who fled to Turkey after seven months of imprisonment, Mohamed is now responsible for promoting the online library and the latest additions to their expanding business. The small library is located in the central Istanbul neighborhood of Fatih, home to many Syrian refugees. With the help of UNHCR, the couple received a start-up grant which they used to buy more books. Turkey is home to more than 3.5 million Syrians who fled the country’s seven-year conflict, according to the UN refugee agency.