The educational complex in Jisr al-Shughur organized a workshop on Thursday (Nov. 1) in Darkush town in Idlib western countryside , Orient news’ Hashem al-Abdullah says. The workshop discussed the obstacles and difficulties that hinder the educational process and the means to resolve them. The workshop was attended by teachers, NGOs and all interested actors within the region. During the workshop, they also discussed several points including: Financial support, the rehabilitation and reconstruction of schools, school health, school textbooks, child protection, and the camp schools. There are more than 1000 volunteer teacher in the schools affiliated to Jisr al-Shughur educational complex, a teacher said. Hundreds of students are out of school due to the interruption of financial support by NGOs and INGOs, another teacher said. One of the reasons behind the deterioration in the education sector was the absence of financial support and the lack of educational supplies, according to Hashem al-Abdullah.