Oztuna has produced a 45-minute documentary to tell the untold stories of thousands of Syrians who have been detained and forcibly disappeared in Assad’s prisons and detention centres.  The Hell, Labour of Death narrates how Syrian men, women, children and young people, who were dreaming of freedom, were held and tortured to death at the Assad detention centres. It depicts the fate of detainees from the moment they stepped in alive until they become numbers on a death list. Released names, images, and figures were perhaps enough to picture the final scene of the lives of those who were tortured to death. But they could not describe what preceded and what followed their death. In those areas, death was a long and laborious mechanical process in which the living detainees were forcibly ordered to transfer their fellow dead detainees.  “We are in a factory which produces dead bodies,” Najah al-Beqaai, a survivor of Assad military security division says. “Under the ground is the real ugly face of the Assad regime, Syrians there have no value,” Sasha al-Alo another survivor of Military Security division says. Researched and prepared by Sasha al-Alo  Directed by: Abdo Madkhane Translated by: Ahmad al-Shehabi