Syrian refugee in Austria turns his escape into video game
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Syrian refugee in Austria turns his escape into video game

A Syrian refugee, Abdullah Adnan Karam plays computer game "Path Out" in Salzburg, Austria March 19, 2019 -Reuters
Orient Net
Date: 2019-03-21 11:28
Abdullah Adnan Karam stares down at the computer screen and watches the story of his escape from Syria to his new home in Austria play out step by step as a game, Reuters reported.

The 23-year-old left Hama in 2014, crossed the border into Turkey then started the long and arduous trek through Europe.

A year later, after his arrival in Austria, he bumped into games developer Georg Hobmeier in Salzburg and the pair started working on what would become the PC/Mac game "Path Out."

"What the player is kind of playing is part of my story, let's say. My (personal) story had more action in it," Karam told Reuters Television.

Karam provided the story and Hobmeier's company Causa Creations, alongside Vienna-based firm Wobblersound and Austrian-American graphic designer Brian Main, worked on the technical side.

Players can choose different routes and meet different fates. "Remember guys, don't get me killed," Karam says in a promotional video.

The story starts before the war, letting players move Karam through his home, meeting friends and relatives, before the scene degenerates into a battlefield.


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