Assad airstrikes conducted on Idlib, civilian killed by Talmanes
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Assad airstrikes conducted on Idlib, civilian killed by Talmanes

Orient Net
Date: 2019-08-25 08:32
At least one civilian has been killed and many others injured by a regime airstrike on the town of Talmanes in Idlib countryside.  

At least 124 Assad airstrikes were conducted on Idlib province on Saturday (August 24), Orient News correspondent said.  

"682 rockets, 90 thermobaric rockets, 28 barrel bombs, 350 bullets of aircraft machine guns were documented after Assad-Russian warplanes attacked the abandoned civilian neighborhoods," local observers documented.  

At least 17 civilians were injured by the random attacks. 

After heavy strikes in recent days and a full siege on the northern rural areas of Hama, our soldiers (militiamen) managed to cleanse the following towns and villages: Khan Sheikhoun, Mourek, al Latamina, Tallat al-Sayyaad, Al-Mustawda'aat, Anz Valley, Asal Valley, Kafr Zita, Litmayn, Ma'ar Kibba, Western Lahaya, Eastern Lahaya, Fas Hill, Litmeen Hill, Wismeen Valley, Qismeen Valley, Ka'bul-Faras. The advance is still continuing at a high pace, Assad militia spokesperson said on Saturday.

Hundred of thousands of civilians have been displaced from their homes in Idlib province after Assad terrorists and their allies launched their offensive on the opposition-held areas.  


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