Bombing campaign on Idlib province by regime militia continues
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Bombing campaign on Idlib province by regime militia continues

Orient Net
Date: 2019-08-28 09:48
Assad militiamen continue to bomb to Idlib town in villages with for the fourth month in a row, killing and injuring civilians, Orient News correspondent said.   

"Assad rockets hit the towns and villages of Kafr Sejneh, Saraqib, Sheikh Mustafa, Raqaya, al-Tamanna, al-Naqir, the Western Deir, Kafranbel, Haas, al-Tah and Jarjanaz in the south of Idlib, Macro Media Centre in Idlib said on Wednesday (August 28).

At least two civilians were killed in Masaran by Assad airstrikes. 

Meanwhile, Assad warplanes targetted the Turkish observation post in Shahshbo in Hama northern province.  

On Tuesday, 12 civilians were killed in Kafranbel, Maar Shuirin, Talmanes and Maaret Shamsa.

Idlib is controlled by the opposition fighters and anti-regime factions with a population swollen by Syrians displaced by the Assad regime and its allies' progress in other parts of the country.   


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