Four wounded in Syria’s Azaz fuel tanker explosion
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Four wounded in Syria’s Azaz fuel tanker explosion

White Helmets photo
Orient Net
Date: 2019-09-09 16:45
An explosion ripped through Aleppo countryside on Monday (September 9), injuring civilians, Orient correspondent said.

At least four civilians were wounded in a fuel tanker explosion in Azaz city in Aleppo countryside.

White Helmets teams worked hard to extinguish the burning trucks, carrying cotton after the explosion. 

Last week, a motorbike bomb exploded in a crowded popular market in Azaz city, killing at least a civilian and injuring others.

Last month, a motorbike bomb exploded in a crowded area near al-Maytam Mosque in Azaz city, killing a civilian and injuring six other civilians.

Azaz is under the control of the Free Syrian Army backed by the Turkish military after the latter launched the "Operation Olive Branch" neutralizing PKK-affiliated militias from it.


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