Skin disease ravages Syrian children in Deir ez-Zoor
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Skin disease ravages Syrian children in Deir ez-Zoor

Deir ez-Zoor 24 Photo
Orient Net
Date: 2019-11-19 10:54
Several cases of leishmaniasis have recently been reported in health centers and hospitals of Deir ez-Zoor countryside, local media reported.

Several children in the villages of al-Azbah and al-Maezila the northern Deir Ezzor countryside have been infected with leishmaniasis over the last period,Deir ez-Zoor 24 reported.

Skin rashes were seen among affected children particularly on exposed parts of the body such as the face, ears and the arms.

Leishmaniasis is a disease that affects the skin of humans, especially children. There are many reasons for its spread such as the lack of hygiene.

Factors including overcrowding and poor living conditions, water and sanitation have meant skin diseases including Leishmaniasis.

The number of leishmaniasis cases in Syria doubled from 2010 to 2018 to more than 80,000 patients, WHO says.

Leishmaniasis is usually linked to poverty, poor sanitation, and malnutrition, WHO says, factors likely compounded by the war.


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