To meet the medical needs of tens of thousands of Syrian refugees crossing into Europe, Orient Humanitarian, a subsidiary of Dubai-based Ghassan Aboud Group, has sent a team of medical personnel and fully equipped ambulance on the Greece-Macedonia border to treat the injured, provide baby formula, treat diabetics, and distribute hygiene products Hundreds have been treated already since base of operations was established this week. Orient medical personnel are operating non-stop to meet the immense scale of refugees coming in and the injuries sustained from walking long distances and the perilous journey refugees are taking into Europe. Dr. Ammar Martini, manager of Orient Humanitarian, is leading the medical team. He said, “This is a crisis of unimaginable scale. Our team of dedicated medical personnel are doing all they can to ensure the health of Syrian refugees and their families. We expect thousands of more to cross the border. This is our humanitarian duty to be here to help.  Ghassan Aboud, chairman of the Ghassan Aboud Group, established Orient for Charity and Human Relief in 2012 to provide medical, educational, and social services to the millions of civilians that have been displaced or injured in the Syrian conflict.