BBC gets stories from Madaya as Hezbollah wants
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BBC gets stories from Madaya as Hezbollah wants

Orient Net - Special
Date: 2016-01-13 11:56
The local council in the besieged city of Madaya, Syria, published yesterday a statement which said that BBC Arabic followed Hezbollah’ Channel al-Manar’s method and interviewed some  miserable citizens from Madaya blackmailed by the Hezbollah TV. The Madaya besieged families  were given the right to walk free in exchange for giving the BBC statements that echo the policy like that Hezbollah uses to myth-inform the public, special sources told Orient. 

BBC also interviewed two people who have never lived in Madaya. Those two people, the council said in a statement, were bribed to tell unfounded stories.

The Statement  of the Madaya Council said by the letter:

The Local Council in Madaya expresses fury and anger over the BBC Arabic’s practices which follow Hezbollah’s al-Manar way in blackmailing and abusing languished Syrian civilians to give statements in which they expressed that they were abused by opposition fighters in Madaya while the interviewees were in Hezbollah-controlled areas. 

Locals in Madaya know the geography of the area and they are certain that the interviewees are not from city.

Also the local council disowned Naser Fares and his sister Zahraa Fares who appeared on BBC. Locals in Madaya certainly know that Naser and Zahraa had never lived in Madaya.

BBC has turned the shield to the Syrian people and stood beside the victimizer, Assad,  against the victimized Syrian people. Its policy has become shoring up Assad and reviving him and turning a blind eye to the tens of thousands of women and children who are slaughtered en masse by Assad barrel bombs and Russian bombardment, Syrians added.


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