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Orient Net8-8-2018

In The Axis discusses US policy towards Iran & US position towards Syria

Orient News’ Hayvi Bouzo discussed on Monday (August 6) the US policy towards Iran and the US position towards Syria. ..
Orient Net18-7-2018

EJ Kimball, security analyst at Middle East Forum, talks in The Axis

EJ Kimball, a national security analyst at Middle East Forum, talks to Hayvi Bouzo in The Axis. He says the ..
Orient Net11-6-2018

Nine Assad militiamen killed in Aleppo

Opposition factions in Aleppo countryside killed a number of Assad militiamen and injured others on Monday (June 11).   The National Liberation ..
Orient Net10-6-2017

Iran-backed PMF is not in full control of Syria border - Sources

A Baghdad military source confirmed that the Iranian-led Shia Popular Mobilization Forces (PMF) has not yet fully controlled the border ..
Orient Net8-6-2017

FSA regains positions lost to Iran-backed militants in Syrian Desert

Factions in the Free Syrian Army (FSA) declared on Wednesday (June 7) killing several Iran-backed militants and destroying a number ..
Hayvi Bouzo6-6-2017

Relations between Erdogan and Trump and it’s effect on Syria

Ahmet Kose  Board Member - The Global Policy Institute &  Genk Karatas Turkish Journalist And Political Advisor ..
Hayvi Bouzo6-6-2017

Impact of the victory of French President Macaron on the European Union and NATO

Dr. Vladislav Inozemtsev Professor At The Higher School Of Economics- Moscow, And Senior Non-Resident Associate- The Center For Strategic And International ..
Hayvi Bouzo12-1-2017

Ariel Cohen, Energy and Russia Expert & Alex Vatanka, Middle East and Iran Expert - The Axis

Hayvi Bouzo in The Axis speaks to the energy and Russia expert Ariel Cohen, and to Alex Vatanka, Middle East ..
Hayvi Bouzo4-1-2017

In the Axis: Valerie Szybala, Joshua Landis

In The Axis: Hayvi Bouzo discusses with Valerie Szybala, the executive director of the Syria Institute and with Joshua Landis, ..
Hayvi Bouzo19-10-2016

Hayvi Bouzo speaks with Professor Marwa Daoudy of Georgetown University

Hayvi Bouzo discusses the Obama administration’s actions in Syria, the Russia-U.S. cease-fire and the failures of the UN over Syria ..