US-led coalition aircraft bomb Assad regime in Bukamal
Orient Net
US-led coalition aircraft on Monday (June 18) bombed "one of the Assad sectarian militias’ military positions in eastern Syria, leading to deaths and injuries, Reuters reported from some Assad media. The strike ..
FSA kills Iranian and Assad militiamen in Hama
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Opposition fighters targeted on Saturday (June 16) Assad and Iranian militiamen at al-Masaseneh checkpoint in Hama northern ‎countryside.  "Jaysh al-Izza targeted a gathering of the Assad sectarian militia and Iranian militia at ..
De Mistura seeks international-regional consensus on Syria
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UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura will kick off on Monday (June 18) a tough two-week process to bridge the gap between the three “guarantor” states of the Astana ..
Iranian passports no longer stamped in Lebanon
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The Lebanese Security General’s latest decision to issue Iranian travelers entering the country landing slips instead of stamping their passports has created controversy, especially amidst mounting US and Western pressures on ..
Magnitude 6.1 quake in Japan’s Osaka area kills three
Orient Net - Reuters
A magnitude 6.1 earthquake shook Osaka, Japan’s second-biggest metropolis, early on Monday (June 18) morning, killing three people, halting factory lines in a key industrial area and bursting water mains, government ..
Five dead following US Border Patrol car chase in Texas
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Five immigrants died and several others were injured on Sunday (June 17) when their vehicle careened out of control while being chased by US Border Patrol agents in Texas about 90 ..