Russian airstrikes kill 7 civilians in Idlib’s Deir al-Sharqi
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Russian warplanes committed a new massacre on Wednesday (March 29) against the locals of Deir al-Sharqi town near Maarat al-Numan city in Idlib countryside, killing seven civilians and wounding dozens of ..
Children killed, injured in Assad terrorists’ shelling on Homs’ Talbiseh
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Assad terrorists’ artillery shelling hit on Tuesday Talbiseh city in Homs northern countryside, killing and injuring a number of civilians. Assad terrorists’ heavy artillery and tank shells pounded residential areas in the ..
Assad drops toxic chlorine on Damascus’ Qaboon
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Opposition fighters were able on Wednesday (March 29) to foil a new attempt by Assad terrorists and Iranian-led Shiite militias to occupy areas east of the capital. However, dozens of civilians ..
Opposition fighters control new hill in Hama countryside
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Opposition fighters controlled on Tuesday al-Shiha Hill in Hama northern countryside after fierce clashes with Assad terrorists. Many Assad terrorists were killed while a number of military vehicles were destroyed, according to ..
Zabadani - Foua deal struck with Assad regime
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The populations of two pro-Assad towns are to be evacuated in exchange for the evacuation of opposition fighters and their families from two opposition-held towns in recent deal. The opposition-held towns of ..
US envoy to UN: Assad, Iran hindrance to moving forward
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US ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley, said on Wednesday (March 29) that Assad is a "big hindrance in trying to move forward" to find a solution in Syria. "I’m not ..