Regime kills civilians in Idlib, targets Hama with napalm
Orient Net
Five civilians were killed, and seven others wounded on Tuesday (April 24) in southern Idlib southern countryside’s Maarat Herma, as a regime helicopter dropped barrel bombs on the area, Orient News ..
Western countries to refer Syria chemical weapons use to UNSC general assembly
Orient Net
Western governments, worried that the impasse in acting on the use of chemical weapons in Syria is weakening the wider authority of the security council, want to pick up a rarely ..
Russian TV interviews Syrian boy at regime military facility
Orient Net
Russia’s main state-owned news channel, Russia-24, has interviewed Hassan Diab, an 11-year-old Syrian child survivor of Assad regime chemical weapon attack on Douma city in an Assad regime military facility, the ..
Action to be taken against Russia’s “abhorrent behavior”
Orient Net
Foreign ministers from the Group of Seven leading industrialized nations on Monday (April 23) united to condemn Russia for behavior that they said undermined international laws and called on Moscow to ..
Trump describes Iran nuclear accord as "terrible deal"
Orient Net - Reuters
 US President Donald Trump warned Iran on Tuesday (April 24) not to follow through with threats to restart its nuclear program, as he and French President Emmanuel Macron struggled to find ..
At Gunpoint: Documentary deals with threats, challenges, illicit drug scourge in Daraa
Orient Net
Orient TV is seeking to infiltrate the drug trafficking mafia that Hezbollah sends in coordination with the Assad regime to the liberated areas in the Syrian south. At Gunpoint is a ..